I Am Done With Volquez

The Padres made a bit of a statement this week, as they swept the Dodgers. The statement wasn’t that this team was going to make a playoff run, but it was more of a “hey we aren’t as bad as we looked the first two weeks.”

The Friars hope to keep the good vibes going, as they cruise into San Francisco this weekend to take on the defending champs. The team will turn the ball over to their “ace” Edinson Volquez, in an attempt to give the Padres a 4-game winning streak.

petco was average at best last year, going 11-11, with a 4.14 ERA. He also led the National League in walks and often failed to work late into games, chiefly because of his pitch count. At times, he displays electric stuff, but not enough consistency for my taste.

In 2013, Volquez has been horrid, losing all three of his starts, while pitching to a 11.68 ERA. While it is a very small sample size, Volquez has not looked sharp at all — especially for a team that is depending on him to be an ace.

He has given the Padres just 13 innings over three starts which have taxed the bullpen. The Padres desperately need Volquez to develop into a reliable #1 starter. Personally, I don’t see it happen. Ace pitchers do not lead the league in walks. Volquez is nothing more than just a tease.

The Padres would be wise to demote Volquez to a mop-up role, especially if he continues to struggle. The team has Andrew Cashner and Anthony Bass in the bullpen and both pitchers have potential to be very good, as they have shown in small samples in their careers. For a team that does not look to contend, the Padres need to give young guys the innings that Volquez is pissing down the drain. I have grown tired of Volquez.

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