Plans For The Future

Greetings. So if you have been following me on Twitter (@kevin_charity if you are not), you would know that I am planning on writing a book. I am not sure how long it will take and I really do not know if it will be completed. Allow me to elaborate.

I do not feel like I have led a very exciting life, yet I feel like I have a story worth telling. One about consistent persistence, one about self-evaluation, one about feeling like an outcast. I have battled anxiety and depression since I can remember. It will be a war that I probably will not win, but I will always fight, because I deserve to be happy. 

The two common themes in my life have been these thoughts in my head and my love for San Diego sports. Yes, my teams suck, but that is what will make this book so fun to write. It will cover San Diego sports in my lifetime and how it relates to my depression. Don’t worry though, the of book is going to produce a lot of laughs. If you know me, you probably already know this. Let’s take the journey together. 

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The Beginning

Hello, everyone. Well, this is going to be the start of something that will hopefully be a lot of fun. I have always wanted to become a sports writer. Now that I am 28, I realize that I probably will never get paid to write sports. That is okay with me — what I can do, however, is turn my love for sports into a hobby.

I have been writing online since 2010 and I hope that I never stop. I have written about everything: sports, music, peeing in the sink, white people using chopsticks and lesbians. I like to think that my writing talents are pretty versatile. Am I the greatest writer in the world? Hell no, but I feel that I have a unique ability that I would to share with the world.

So thanks for reading! Go Padres!

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